‘We will continue to benefit from print’: NNA CEO

Here’s a snippet from an interview by Ad Age Magazine with Caroline Little, new president and CEO at the Newspaper Association of America, who took over on Sept. 6. Little was previously North America CEO of Guardian News and Media and before that led Washington Post Newsweek Interactive to its first year of profitability.

Ad Age:Declining print circulation is a long-term, ongoing trouble for newspapers. Will those declines ever end and a new normal for print ever emerge? Is that still an important question for publishers and advertisers?

Ms. Little: It continues to be an important question. I don’t think print is going to go away. At the same time I can’t predict when the circulation in print will stop declining. But I think that’s one way of looking at the issue.

“When you look at audiences overall they are phenomenal. If you were to tell me that audiences overall were going down, I’d be really worried. The challenge for us I think is audiences — whether it’s newspapers or music — want their media when they want it and where they want it. They’re not going to be bound by the distribution cycle. The challenge for us to catch up with business models that support that.

I and a lot of people love to read a newspaper in print and online, and that will continue. We will continue to benefit from print. Advertisers certainly do. There’s a lot of data that supports that. We also need to address business models that support a vast number of readers who read our newspapers in all media.”


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